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Ah, but I wasn't. Not even a top ten for me this year. This thing is freaking rigged.

Thanks to my dad for showing up in the top five once again and continuing to do the family proud. I feel no pride that my brother finished in the top five. As always, many enter, one leaves and this year that one is...

SMKRAFT of Conyers, GA
smkraft laid a 42 point smackdown on the field and was still challenged by numerous contestants within a point or two (including beejay, with his second consecutive 2nd place finish. Ouch.) kraftar rounds out the top five with HIS second consecutive top 5 finish, as well.

and not to be left out - OZBOS of Oswego, NY brings up the rear with a spectacular 0 point effort, landing him/her in the jasonzahn.com Hall of Shame.

Thanks, everybody, for participating.

The rules are as follows:

1) Pick a winner in each category.
2) Bid points on the result of each award - you may bid up to 5 if you think your pick is a lock to win, all the way down to 1 point if you're just totally guessing. There is a catch, though - your total points bid on all categories MUST add up to 45 points.

When making your picks, you will be unable to submit your picks until your total points bid adds up to 45 points AND you've selected a winner for each category.

The jasonzahn.com Hall of Fame will open its doors to the player with the highest total points. Likewise, the jasonzahn.com Hall of Shame will open its doors to the player with the fewest points.

Good Luck!
1. smkraft42 pts
2. beejay41 pts
3. zahnej40 pts
4. kraftar40 pts
5. TedZahn40 pts
6. LocoLobo39 pts
7. mockler39 pts
8. marcopolo39 pts
9. rojogerard39 pts
10. TODSQUAD38 pts
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1. richcole9936 pts
2. beejay31 pts
3. kraftar30 pts
4. LocoLobo29 pts
5. zahnej28 pts

In last year's edition, richcole99 came 1 point away from the all-time record, but still won the challenge going away. Note my dad making a top 5 appearance for the second year in a row - can he do it again? has he still got the magic?

1. TedZahn 37 pts
2. zahno 34 pts
3. zahnej 33 pts
4. fiona 30 pts
5. zahnk 28 pts


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