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I'd like to thank all of the little people who made this happen. You know who you are. Um. Gosh, where do I start? Uh... [insert gratuitous humorous remark that no one laughs at]

Thanks to my dad for showing up in the top five and doing the family proud as the rest of us were unable to continue the dominance of last year. Many played, but there can be only one. And this year, the winner is...

RICHCOLE99 of West Hollywood, CA
RichCole99's top score of 36 reflects a remarkable 12 of 15 correct guesses in the awards. Congratulations RichCole99, and welcome to the jasonzahn.com Hall of Fame.

and not to be left out - FUZZY of Edmeston, NY and MR. ED of Sydney, Australia bring up the rear. Their 3 point efforts have landed them both side by side in the jasonzahn.com Hall of Shame.

Thanks, everybody, for participating. We'll do it again next year!

The rules are as follows:

1) Pick a winner in each category.
2) Bid points on the result of each award - you may bid up to 5 if you think your pick is a lock to win, all the way down to 1 point if you're just totally guessing. There is a catch, though - your total points bid on all categories MUST add up to 45 points.

When making your picks, you will be unable to submit your picks until your total points bid adds up to 45 points AND you've selected a winner for each category.

The jasonzahn.com Hall of Fame will open its doors to the player with the highest total points. Likewise, the jasonzahn.com Hall of Shame will open its doors to the player with the fewest points.

Good Luck!
1. smkraft42 pts
2. beejay41 pts
3. zahnej40 pts
4. kraftar40 pts
5. TedZahn40 pts
6. nikatnyte39 pts
7. smkraft39 pts
8. Bobby4th39 pts
9. LocoLobo39 pts
10. mockler39 pts
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1. TedZahn 37 pts
2. zahno 34 pts
3. zahnej 33 pts
4. fiona 30 pts
5. zahnk 28 pts

Last year was dominated by the Zahns. The site was in its infancy, but of the 29 participants, 4 of 5 participating Zahn family members finished in the Top 5.

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