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The rules are as follows:

  1. Pick a winner in each category.
  2. Bid points on the result of each award - you may bid up to 5 if you think your pick is a lock to win, all the way down to 1 point if you're just totally guessing. There is a catch, though - your total points bid on all categories MUST add up to 45 points.

When making your picks, you will be unable to submit your picks until your total points bid adds up to 45 points AND you've selected a winner for each category.


The jasonzahn.com Hall of Fame will open its doors to the player with the highest total points. Likewise, the jasonzahn.com Hall of Shame will open its doors to the player with the fewest points.

Good Luck!


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1. Quint`sRevenge 37 pts
2. beejay 36 pts
3. zahnej 36 pts
4. zahno 36 pts
5. mr.claywood 35 pts

Quint`sRevenge pulled out the victory. My dad finished in the top 5, as he somehow always has, and beejay finished in 2nd place for the third straight time. But last year's real story was me finishing in 4th place (that's actually second, really.)


1. smkraft 42 pts
2. beejay 41 pts
3. zahnej 40 pts
4. kraftar 40 pts
5. TedZahn 40 pts

We skipped the 2005 edition because in 2004, the top 5 all scored 40 or more points, causing the server to crack open and bleed. Krafts and Zahns represented well, and beejay represented as a bridesmaid yet again...


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