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What a tournament! I held the lead for almost the whole doggone thing (with meganjensen making a couple of bursts to the top), only to lose it in the final weekend, but as a consolation prize my Syracuse Orangemen win their first national championship - I'm not too upset.

So congratulations are in order to the winner, part-time jzcom member and fellow SU almnus

CUKO of Agawan, MA - 260 points
cuko narrowly edged out lisam - both had Syracuse winning the final game, but cuko picked up an additional 3 points in earlier rounds, thus sealing the deal.

And I understand that lisam should have won another pool she was in - administered at another to-remain-nameless site - but that bugs and glitches have forced a manual recount by the person who foolishly chose to administer their pool at some second-rate site instead of jasonzahn.com. Or maybe she's just bitter about losing.

And not to be left out MM2114 of Sauquoit, NY - 33 pts - will be entered into the Hall of Shame for the lowest score

Thanks, everyone, for participating. I hope you enjoyed it.

1. cuko260 pts
2. lisam257 pts
3. meganjjensen236 pts
4. FranceBlows235 pts
5. msdavis235 pts
6. GT214 pts
7. JMoore211 pts
8. zahno210 pts
9. bbranit193 pts
10. kraftar192 pts
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1. SarahGirl 211 pts
2. jpmon 184 pts
3. TedZahn 169 pts
4. TheWolverine 169 pts
5. leighjk 167 pts

Last year's contest was decided in the final game - had it gone one way, my brother would have won ANOTHER jzcom event (see last year's results at the movie awards challenge.) Thankfully they went the other way and SarahGirl jumped into the Hall of Fame. Can she repeat? Will you let her?

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