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The 2008 jasonzahn.com Football Survivor Challenge is off and running. Deadline for entry is Saturday, September 8th, 11:59PM Central! The season officially begins that Thursday Night, but we're ignoring that game and those teams from your week one picks. If you have not entered before that Saturday, you will NOT be able to play in the event at all this season.

The rules are simple, but a detailed, lengthy description from a special guest follows - or just go ahead and log in above and get started.

Rules of the game

  1. There are two pools you are playing in simultaneously, the winners pool and the losers pool. The goal is to survive in either pool longer than anyone. Because you are eliminated from one does not mean you are eliminated from both.
  2. Every week you pick one team to win and one team to lose. You may not pick the same team in the same pool twice (e.g. if you pick Green Bay to win in week one, you may not pick them to win again this season. You may pick them to lose, however — but only once this season. Got it?)
  3. If your winning pick loses, you're eliminated from the winners pool.
  4. If your losing pick wins, you're eliminated from the losers pool.
  5. Wha...huh? Say that again?
  6. The jasonzahn.com Hall of Fame opens its doors to the contestant remaining in BOTH pools the longest and the contestants remaining in the INDIVIDUAL pools the longest. All three of these people may be the same person. There is no Hall of Shame entrant in this event, though there is much shame to go around.

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