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Admit it, you spent months in front of the television playing everyone's favorite early home digital game: Ping. And if you were like me, you pored over every Ping magazine out there: Ping Player, Ping Strategies, Advanced Ping Strategy, Ping Economist - ah, the list goes on and on.

I need hardly remind you of the celebrity surrounding the game, either. The top players in the world were millionaires and treated to lavish parties in their honor wherever they went. Their names are legend: Rogers, Shemp, LeShame, Banunu, Slacks, Breeze and Barry. Gods of the early digital era, one and all.

I used to wonder how my gaming skills would stack up to those of the old legends. Yes, sir, I thought about it real hard. So after 25 years I finally decided to stop thinking about it and do something about it. Now, thanks to the magic of the modern digital era and my knowledge of Flash, I've seen how my skills stand up - and now you can test your skills against the games of these early masters.

jasonzahn.com will track the high scores of all registered users. Not a member? That's okay register today!. Are a member? Go ahead and play Super Ping now!

name location score date
spankyBoxford, Ma4496/16/2005
LocoLoboWilmington, MA3886/17/2005
gregruebSomerdale, NJ34812/28/2006
LocoLoboWilmington, MA3285/21/2005
spankyBoxford, Ma29011/9/2004

clockwise from top left:
Tate Rogers, Cassie LeShame, Mr. Slacks, Shemp, Gentle Breeze and Barry, Chi Chi Banunu